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Cococorp was founded from experience. Since the founder was a toddler, he would experience nosebleeds ten to twelve times each winter. Any dry condition would lead to a bloody nose. He learned that while there never is a particularly good occasion for a nosebleed, they always seemed to come at the worst possible time and place.

As the founder got older nosebleeds began to impact both his personal life and career. Holidays and important meetings would often be disrupted by unexpected nosebleeds. These nosebleeds could be so extreme they were often referred to as “gushers” due to their intense nature. Throughout the course of his life, he tried just about every solution the market had to offer. Every product offered only temporary relief if any at all.

After growing tired of having his life disrupted by intermittent nosebleeds, he took it upon himself to develop a solution. This long term relief dwarfed that of other remedies. He has not had a nosebleed in 4 years and knows he should share his success with other people. As a result CocoNose by Cococorp was born.

CocoNose is a simple mixture mostly composed of coconut oil. The long term solution is complimented by a relaxing, moisturizing relief that coats and soothes. Anyone can benefit from CocoNose, especially those who experience regular nosebleeds.

Being founded by someone whose life was affected by nosebleeds, Cococorp understands the frustration and embarrassment that comes along with experiencing regular nosebleeds. Whether it is a child having to leave class or an adult trying to sneak out of an important meeting, a bloody nose can derail someone’s day.

Temporary relief and a remedy after the fact might help stop the bleeding but the soothing relief provided by CocoNose prevents nosebleeds before they start. CocoNose provides physical comfort for your nose and emotional comfort for your entire self.

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July 24, 2020

Snoring, More Than Just Sawing Logs

People who live with chronic “snorers” almost always agree that their loved-ones’ snoring affects them WAY more than it affects the snorer his/herself. That’s probably why a common trope in entertainment is the older man loudly snoring while his family or friends try to get some sleep. The iconic scene from Planes, Trains and Automobiles stands out to many. John Candy and Steve Martin are weary…

Introducing CocoNose: Long Lasting Nasal Moisturizer

You’re sitting in an important meeting, ready to present a project you’ve been working on for months. Your boss is eagerly anticipating your pitch as your coworkers proudly look on. You stand in front of your colleagues ready to present your idea that will change the company for the better. Then, out of nowhere it hits. Another nosebleed. Symptoms of nasal dryness may seem inconsequential…

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CocoNose is the flagship product of Cococorp. It is our first product to provide long-lasting relief from nasal discomfort and nosebleeds associated with nasal passage dryness and irritation. Cococorp's mission is to provide relief for the millions of Americans who suffer from nosebleeds and other discomforts of nasal irritation. We provide affordable and simple to use products that bring long-lasting relief.
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