Introducing CocoNose: Long Lasting Nasal Moisturizer

March 30, 2020

You’re sitting in an important meeting, ready to present a project you’ve been working on for months. Your boss is eagerly anticipating your pitch as your coworkers proudly look on. You stand in front of your colleagues ready to present your idea that will change the company for the better. Then, out of nowhere it hits. Another nosebleed.

Symptoms of nasal dryness may seem inconsequential. Dealing with them on a daily basis, however, can have a huge affect on someone’s life. Dry conditions and genetics can lead to frequent nosebleeds. Frequent nosebleeds can negatively impact a person’s life.

Current Solutions

Most nasal sprays only offer short term relief. It can be embarrassing and costly to need to spray your nose multiple times a day. Lots of people complain about the smell of chemicals from traditional sprays. CocoNose leaves a discreet yet pleasant scent of the tropics in your nostrils and doesn’t drip.

CocoNose Origins

CocoNose was created by people who experience daily nasal discomfort. The founder created CocoNose to remedy life long chronic nosebleeds. When he realized this formula truly alleviated his ailment, he knew CocoNose needed to be shared with the world.

CocoNose is the flagship product of CocoCorp and the first product to relieve discomfort and prevent nosebleeds due to nasal dryness. The soothing comfort brought on by CocoNose helps you focus on your life and not worry about potential embarrassing nosebleeds.

Key Ingredients

CocoNose is the perfect blend that results in long term relief. It’s made up of natural ingredients. The two active ingredients are achillea millefolium and pimpinella saxifraga followed by coconut oils as an inactive ingredient. Coconut oil has been proven to sooth, revitalize and moisturize.

Achillea millefolium, or yarrow, has been used as a skin care remedy for over 3,000 years. Scientists have credited it for its ability to benefit almost every organ in the body. The second active ingredient pimpinella saxifraga, or burnet-saxifrage. Historically, it is used for soothing coughs or the effects of laryngitis and bronchitis.

When you combine these three ingredients you get a comforting effect in CocoNose. The combination creates a natural, preventive remedy that soothes and stays with you throughout the day. Each component of CocoNose has proven its value. In combination, they are ready to take on the challenge of getting you through your daily life.

It’s common belief that nosebleeds are a fact of life. Most of us know at least one person who regularly excuses themselves from professional and social situations. While we understand their need to attend to the issue, it can get frustrating to have a loved one who is regularly stepping away to stop a nosebleed.

CocoNose provides relief from the physical, mental and emotional ailments caused by nosebleeds brought on by nasal dryness. Don’t miss out on life’s important moments, use CocoNose to keep your head in the game and your nose to the grindstone.

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CocoNose is the flagship product of Cococorp. It is our first product to provide long-lasting relief from nasal discomfort and nosebleeds associated with nasal passage dryness and irritation. Cococorp's mission is to provide relief for the millions of Americans who suffer from nosebleeds and other discomforts of nasal irritation. We provide affordable and simple to use products that bring long-lasting relief.
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