Snoring, More Than Just Sawing Logs

July 24, 2020

People who live with chronic “snorers” almost always agree that their loved-ones’ snoring affects them WAY more than it affects the snorer his/herself. That’s probably why a common trope in entertainment is the older man loudly snoring while his family or friends try to get some sleep.

The iconic scene from Planes, Trains and Automobiles stands out to many. John Candy and Steve Martin are weary travelers forced to share a bed. They finally settle in for some much needed rest. Just as Steve Martin closes his eyes, John Candy begins to snore. Some classic comedy follows. The next morning John Candy’s character is well-rested and ready for another day while Steve Martin begins his day in a comically miserable fashion.

Though snoring is often associated with the funny, lovable, big guy, there is nothing funny about living with a “snorer”. Just ask any spouse, significant other, college roommate, or even nextdoor neighbor who suffers from secondhand snoring. The tension facing these snore-victims is often how to hold a person accountable when these are unconscious acts, committed by the people they love. Not only that, but from their desperate 2AM Google searches, the sleepless victims also know that many of snoring’s root causes are outside of the snorer’s control. These include genetics, sleeping conditions and the all too familiar enemy of CocoNose, dry air.

So, can we blame perpetrating snorers for their narrow nasal passages, shape of their noses, or the other inherent traits that are uncontrollable? If you’re a snorer reading this, can we blame you? Likely not, but some of these other sources can and should be addressed, if not for you then for your loved one. The remedies are simple.

Roll Over Already!

Snoring can be caused from how and where you sleep. Scientists say the best way to sleep to avoid snoring is on your side, with your arm under your pillow and up towards your chest. Extending your arm can open your airways while your knee provides balance. When sleeping on your back, you allow the muscles in your respiratory tract to relax which can cause and amplify snoring. For help staying still through the night, try placing a pillow between your knees or laying under a weighted blanket.

Less Water = More Snoring

Dehydration can also lead to snoring. Be sure to drink plenty of water and keep a glass by your bedside. Lack of water in your system affects your entire body, all the way up to your nose. If you are not hydrating enough your body won’t be able to get the right amount and type of sleep it needs. Even if you are drinking enough water, it is also important to avoid substances that dehydrate you like caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol.

Sometimes you’ll hear people say, “I only snore when I drink.” Alcohol causes all your muscles to relax throughout your body. Your air passage is no exception. As your muscles relax, they can constrict the amount of air entering your body. As air attempts to pass through, you will start snoring or snore even louder than usual. Drinking is a dangerous ingredient that can lead to loud snoring, that is bad for your body and anyone within hearing distance.

Dry Air Snoring

Most of us sleep in poor conditions. A low-moisture environment makes your snoring condition worse. It can cause your throat and mouth to become dry which increases your snoring. When the tissue in your throat and nose become irritated, they often become inflamed which makes your airways more restricted and narrow. Dry air can aggravate the tissues of your nose and throat, causing irritation and inflammation that can worsen snoring. Additionally, dry and dehydrated airways have thicker mucus which increases surface tension and heightens snoring risk.

Scientists encourage the use of humidifiers to combat the dry air in your bedroom. The moisture in the air helps you breathe easier while you sleep and can help with snoring. Breathing moisturized air into your nostrils is easier on your body and will help reduce the decibel level of your symphonic snoring performance. Unfortunately, introducing a humidifier into your life is not a low maintenance solution. They require lots of cleaning to keep them hygienic. Fortunately, they are also not the sole solution to your dry nasal passages.

CocoNose and Snoring

There is no definitive cure for snoring. Surgeries and weight loss have worked for people but on an anecdotal basis. Looking to stop snoring can be frustrating but there are preventative measures that can be taken. Some customers have experienced reduced snoring after using CocoNose before they turn in for the night. While we can’t guarantee CocoNose will stop you or your partner from snoring, it is an additional measure that can help you and your partner manage your snoring.

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep Through the Solutions

There are many compelling reasons to “wake up” and solve the snoring. As air passages open and close things start to get dangerous. Many people face the common disorder of Sleep Apnea. For many it is genetic and for others it can be related to obesity. Sleep Apnea causes a person to stop breathing in his/her sleep and even wake up gasping for air in the middle of the night.

Another risk is a bit more personal. Many relationships are strained due to a lack of sleep caused by snoring. Most people who snore would argue they don’t because they never hear it. The last thing that significant others, kept up all night by your orchestral nasal passages, wants to hear is, “Really? I don’t think I snored last night.” Trust them. They know. As cute as the arguments between couples can be, the effects are not.

Often people have expressed harboring negative thoughts and feelings about the person they love who is otherwise a great partner. Some couples turn to ear plugs while some even sleep in separate rooms.

At the end of the day, snoring can be a serious health concern that requires medical counsel. In extreme cases, it can raise blood pressure which can cause death. As my sleep-deprived mom always jokes, even if my dad survives the snoring-induced hypertension, he may still experience death-by-spousal-smothering. She could snap any day now.

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